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hey there <3

i love cuddling but i never have a boyfriend so i dont get to cuddle that much.

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I don't have a girlfriend anymore so I don't have anyone to cuddle with either. There are many times when that really bothers me. I just need someone right now to cuddle with and make me feel special. Unfortunately, there is no one who wants to. :(
im sorry about that il cuddle with you even tho il probably never see you but hey id cuddle with you you seem sweet.

Who is this? That comment made me cry, in a good way.
Well my name is did that make you cry most guys would say fuck you.
What do you mean by "how did that make you cry most guys would say fuck you."? And do you have AIM?


August 29 2004, 19:27:43 UTC 12 years ago

hey if you wanna talk sometime my s/n is Staywithmex0...<3 im usually always on so just im me.


August 31 2004, 01:09:43 UTC 12 years ago

well im prettyxxgirl or you can call me rebecca yes i have aim if you wanna im me my s/n is on right now if you wanna talk.



September 2 2004, 01:14:38 UTC 12 years ago

you didnt scare me off just im me didnt scare me or n e thing.